Hotel Boss for Your References

Hotel Boss is a gorgeous place that has so many good reviews. The situation is very strategic at Sultan Road. The location has made this one of the most favorite ones; particularly this hotel has several deals that guests can use Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers.

Excellent places are also within walking distance. Do you have never been to Singapore before? If this is your first time, you can read this article to find many relevant pieces of information. Here are someplace to go.

Little Indian

Visiting the miniature of India seems like an authentic experience in visiting the country itself. But, there are more things than anyone might have imagined before. This place, of course, has lots of authentic artworks to sell. But, there are also other cultural events here like brick kilns, cattle herders, and many more.

So far, Little Indian is the only area that maintains the cultural event routine. But, there are some convenient things here like bistros with very contemporary settings, hotels, art shows, and several vendors that sell Indian products with a modern touch. It is interesting to see that this area remains bustling without any chaos at all.

Situated at Serangoon Road, this place hosts multicultural people as there are churches, temples of Chinese and Hindu. But of course, visiting this place means nothing without trying the food. There are vegetarian foods, tandoori dishes, and also the roti prata that looks like pancakes, and also teh tarik.

Shopping can be made easy as the Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours. This mall has more than anyone might have thought of. There are electronic products, groceries, saris, and several shops that sell goldsmith products.

The vibe of bohemian is really strong here, as many Indian guests will find this place home. Excellent events here include Deepavali that takes place in October, Pongal which occurs in the middle of January, and other cultural events.

Bugis Junction

This iconic place is not only historical but also has lots of things to explore. This place has been very bustling since pre-WWII. At this moment, Bugis Junction becomes the main destination for both tourists and natives who want to spend their money in buying quality products at very good prices.

The mall itself has a very good interior with a very unique exterior as it represents the area’s history. But, modern touches are seen perfectly well through the various boutiques, cafés, and other attractive places. Do not forget to use your Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers to buy some products here. You can browse the internet to find out some spots that allow you to use the vouchers.

Bike Tour

Don’t go too far because there is a famous bike tour on Bugis Road. Here, anyone can bike along the road to explore the luxury city of Singapore. This site is also within walking distance from the Hotel Boss.

Hotel Boss is perfect for everyone who wants to know the city of Singapore without any hassle in reaching them, whether by foot, taking MRTs, or by bike. Everything about this hotel and things nearby are astonishing.

By Drajad